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Top 6 reasons why sales people lose deals

Rob Biggin - Rainmaker Coaching

Rob Biggin – Rainmaker Coaching

We reviewed the Win-Loss Analysis Programmes we had run over the past few years and thought you might be interested in some of the main mistakes sales people make.

Here’s what we found were the main reasons why sales people lose deals:

1.  Relying on the features and capabilities of their product or service to win.

2.  Being afraid of calling on executive-level buyers.

3.  Depending too much on too few relationships.

4.  Not having a plan to win.

5.  Not really understanding their customer’s business.

6.  Not having the skills and experience required to win.

According to the Harvard Business Review, these are the main reasons why sales people lose business:

1.  Incumbent advantage

2.  Inability to remove risk

3.  C-Level executive access

4.  Business solution focus

5.  Ineffective messaging

6.  Poor pre-sales resources

7.  Lack of an internal coach

8.  Out-of-range pricing

What do you believe are the top reasons why your sales teams lose deals? Do you agree with the above views?

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