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What are “Time to Pay Plans” – HMRC?

The old adage that “prevention is better than cure” has never been truer than in the context of HMRC & tax debts; however what happens when you can’t pay a tax bill in full and on time?

For many taxpayers and businesses, a dramatic change in circumstances can cause financial difficulties. Problems can occur because of challenges faced by the business, for instance a drop off in trade combined with a lack of working capital, all of which can cause cash-flow issues which need to be overcome in order for trade to continue.

Since the onset of the recession & more recently BREXIT, we’ve all had to look at our cash flows & balances a lot closer and unfortunately in a lot of instances; money set aside for HMRC & tax liabilities has had to be used to keep individuals and businesses trading.


This leaves HMRC chasing for late and overdue tax bills.

Many of us will have sleepless nights worrying about bankruptcy or legal action, even losing our homes and business owing to being in debt, especially to HMRC.


Avoid burying your head in the sand

Escalating debts can have a paralysing effect on some individuals and businesses.

Many clients come to us after “burying their head in the sand” & collection action has been taken against them.

It may be tempting to ignore the issue and hope that it goes away! Of course, life isn’t that simple. Arrears to HMRC can quickly escalate as charges & penalties will be applied.

Meaning that a small amount originally owed, once ignored, can become unmanageable


A Time to Pay Plan could help you & your business get back on track.

A Time to Pay Plan is a monthly re-payment arrangement with HMRC.

Given as a concession, it is there to help individuals & businesses repay late or overdue taxes back at an agreed monthly figure over a set period of time.

In many cases the monthly amount is based on the amount owed to HMRC, re-payment time frames & HMRC’s own criteria – Many individuals & businesses then struggle to meet the level HMRC are requesting.

Here at Tax Debts Help & Advice ( we specialise in helping those that owe to HMRC & can’t pay the debts back in full & on time.

We’re set up to negotiate the ‘mine field’ that is HM Revenue & Customs specifically for our clients.

As a team, we specialise solely in tax re payment plans, tailored to our clients requirements, for a variety of self-employed individuals & businesses the length & breadth of the UK.

Our flexible approach helps asses personal and/or business tax liabilities in a compliant way, keeping our finger on the pulse of an ever changing industry, where staying on top of legislation and HMRC’s activity is paramount.


How does it work? 

We will assess all our clients’ needs & requirements via an initial fact find. All solutions are personally tailored to individuals or business & depending on what suits your requirements; we can access our panel of specialists, across various financial fields, which can assist you & your business further.


Why choose us? 

We have over a decades experience within this industry & we have developed our paperwork & processes in line with HMRC s own requirements & guidance.

We have built up extended relationships throughout HMRC and partner ourselves with a panel, derived from various Accountants, Tax Advisers, Legal Firms and Professionals to provide informed expert guidance, meaning you & your business are in safe hands.

We tailor everything we do to each individual case as opposed to “one size fits all” solution.

For a friendly discussion call Lisa on  01704 628105 or use the following link to our contact page.

Lisa Tabor

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