Our clients choose us carefully,
and we choose our clients carefully.

Here’s what we look for in our clients…

Your business

All our clients:

  • are mature business owners of well-established companies
  • have annual profits of at least £100k per annum
  • are UK-based.

Your records

All our clients:

  • use up-to-date cloud accounting software (ideally, Xero)
  • keep their records to a high standard
  • update their books at least once a month or ideally real-time.

Your willingness

All our clients:

  • attend face-to-face meetings (either in person, or by videoconference)
  • act on our advice, because it will always be in their best interest
  • do things differently if there is a strong business case to do so.

Your values

All our clients:

  • conduct their business and personal affairs with honesty, integrity and a social conscience
  • act in a professional way, with respect for others
  • regard the value received from a service as more important than the price paid.

Our clients work with us
because we offer excellent value,
not the lowest price.

Our services

  • We specialize in taxation, succession planning.
  • We are Xero accredited and work with Capium, Dext and Fluidly.
  • We offer an array of services beneficial to our clients including Fixed Price Agreement and monthly payment plans.


Our fees

All our clients:

  • agree a fixed annual fee, which covers everything, including at least two meetings a year
  • pay by monthly direct debit.

If all this sounds like you, we’d be happy to talk to you about becoming a client.

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About us


Who we are

We are an experienced firm of accountants, dedicated to working with mature business owners. We handle your financial issues so you can concentrate on building your business. And, because your personal finances and wealth are just as important, we help you manage those as well We specialise in working with family-owned businesses and advise on succession planning, including wider share ownership for team members. And when they’re ready, we help our clients exit their business in the most tax-efficient way – usually via share options and management buyouts. We have an extensive referral network and can offer advice in all business areas including obtaining commercial and personal finance, legal advice, investment advice, commercial insurance and human resources.

Our approach

We select our clients carefully, because we dedicate ourselves to doing the best for them and their business. We take a holistic approach – your personal finance and wealth are as important to us as your business. We specialise in succession planning. Many of our clients are successful family businesses, where the owner wants to pass their business on to family members or employees in the most tax-efficient way through share options or management buyouts. We are familiar with the subtle nuances, delicate issues and complex dynamics that can exist in family businesses. We look beyond the numbers to help family members navigate the difficulties and complexities that can arise. We give our mobile phone numbers to our clients, so it’s easy to contact us.

Succession planning for forward-thinking business owners

We specialise in working with family-owned businesses. We have helped many clients successfully transfer ownership from one generation to another, and also advise on wider share ownership for team members. Employee ownership gives you greater financial security. It also means you can give up those aspects of running a business that you want to give up, and do more of what you love instead.. Succession planning guide »

Our people

We are a team of individual experts, with a combined experience of more than 100 years of advising business owners on business and tax issues. Together we offer a wide range of skills and accountancy services. Like our clients, we choose our people carefully. And, like our clients, most of our team have been with us for years – on average, for 11 years. That speaks for itself. So you can be sure of continuity of service, and expert service at that.